10 funny yet real facts about the Virat and Anushka

virat kohli anushka sharma wedding

On Dec 11, 2017, the long-term lovebirds Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma surprised everyone by their marriage news. For some, it was just shocking, but millions of hearts broke on this day as the celebrity couple have the huge fan following. Where Virat Kohli is famous globally, Anushka Sharma is not so far behind she also has millions of followers.
The couple was dating since 2013, and since then the couple was making headlines for their affair, and in the middle, there was a breakup, but couple luckily sustained that and finally turned their relationship bonding forever in marriage.

Anushka Sharma is elder to Virat Kohli – check out their DOB
Virat Kohli – 5 November 1988
Anushka Sharma – 1 May 1988
So basically both are 29 years old, but technically Anushka is more aged by few months
Both kept their wedding secret affair and trolled media by informing them a wrong date of marriage. Their wedding took place on 11 Dec, and media was told about the 12 December wedding.
Neither from the Anushka side nor the Virat Kohli side no one accepted the couple wedding despite the continuous marriage rumours hitting almost all the headlines.
For many, this might be surprising but the truth, and seriously we don’t want to offend any followers of the newly married couple.
Virat Kohli is leading on the photo-sharing application Instagram compare to Anushka Sharma.

Instagram followers

Virat Kohli – 17.6 Million

Anushka Sharma – 14 M

I am sure very few had noticed the duo ring exchange ceremony. During their ring ceremony Virat Kohli put the engagement ring in the Anushka ring finger but Anushka in spite of placing the engagement ring in Virat right hand she put in the left hand. Well, this is as per the Hindu tradition as no one knows which tradition couple followed during their wedding.
Punjabi, Brahmin or maybe Italian?
Did you hear that only 50 people were invited to the Indian cricket skipper Virat Kohli and bollywood A-list Anushka Sharma?
Common, this much we just invite in our general get together.
Twitter, here also Virat is leading

Virat Kohli- 21.2 M

Anushka Sharma- 13.9 M

So Anushka Sharma is just another actress who married richer guy than herself.
If yes then check out the net worth of each other.
As per Forbes Virat Kohli, net worth is approximately £16.4 million or 16.4 billion INR. Now coming back to Anushka Sharma net worth including films fees, endorsement fees and all other sources of income stands nearly at 220 cr or 35 Million USD.
So it won’t be wrong to say Anushka just hit the jackpot!! Just joking
The celebrity couple destination wedding venue is the world’s second most expensive holiday destination as per Forbes. The stay in cost for the week was a whopping Rs 94.83 lakh, which amounts to Rs 13.5 lakh per night.

Who paid the bills? whose net worth got reduced?

The duo confirmed the news of their marriage at the same time, at the same way and on the same media platform and …with the same message.
Is it a damn coincidence or laziness?
So just like ordinary couples Anushka took the husband mobile and updated his social media post, is it?

But keeping aside all the fun, both are lucky to have each other. They make a perfect couple and we wish them all the happiness in their married life.