Ranveer Singh wants to work in Hollywood for a silly reason

ranveer singh wants to work in hollywood

The Alauddin khilji aka Ranveer Singh dreams has no stopping especially when his alleged girlfriend Deepika Padukone has a Hollywood film in her name then how can you expect Ranveer Singh to stay happy with just bollywood.

Back then when Deepika was shooting for her Hollywood debut against Vin diesel needless to say Ranveer Singh without any formal invitation and work was the one to roam around Deepika and was seen desperate to mix up with the Hollywood directors and Deepika Padukone Hollywood team.

Unfortunately, nothing worked out for Ranveer Singh till now, but he is too desperate to go Hollywood.

He has one more reason to dream of Hollywood is Priyanka Chopra who has already established her name globally through the Hollywood platform.

But Ranveer Singh forgets one thing he might have surely grabbed a lot of work in bollywood by dating the Deepika Padukone and following her on her shooting sets but its Hollywood and here Ranveer Singh you won’t get a Deepika to roam around and come into the director’s eyes.

Ranveer Singh, you might be enjoying popularity in India, and there are fans who accept even your bizarre dressing, but that’s Hollywood make a note “you need to act there” not to stalk any actress.

This might not go down well with the Ranveer Singh fans but the fact is Ranveer Singh in his short career has just three superhits film in his name and surprisingly all are with Deepika and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. However his debut film ‘Band Baja Barat’ was also a sleeper hit but then nobody noticed much Ranveer Singh the way they now after his three superhits with the Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Interestingly Ranveer Singh has hilarious reason to get a chance in Hollywood, and that is, I request don’t laugh after reading his reason.

So as per Ranveer Singh, he knows English so he should get chance in Hollywood.

I told you not to laugh.