Padmaavat is all set to release in Indore Madhya Pradesh

padmaavat releasing in indore

Amidst the huge protest from the Karni sena, The Sanjay Leela Bhansali magnum opus periodic drama Padmaavat released finally on 25 January. Unfortunately, it didn’t release in few states like Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. Some parts of Bihar also refused to screen the film.

Earlier supreme court of India refused the plea of banning the movie and order all the states to release it, but BJP ruled states disobeyed the apex court order and stuck with their decision of banning the movie.

Now when a movie was released worldwide and got huge applauds Madhya Pradesh city, Indore has decided to release the movie on Thursday but had asked the help of police.

The movie will be releasing amidst the high security.

While the movie is performing extremely well in the other parts of India and world, it is expected to do well in Indore also.

The Padmaavat domestic box office collection had crossed 200 cr, and worldwide collections are also awesome. The movie succeeds to break all records at North America, and Australia box office and is performing exceptionally well on Singapore limited 20 screens as well.

With the success of padmaavat, the lead stars of the movie have new records in their name. Maharawal ratan Singh aka Shahid Kapoor got his first 100 cr movie whereas the protagonist of the padmaavat Alauddin khilji aka Ranveer Singh has his third movie entering the pivotal 100 cr club.

The luckiest among the lead star cast is the rani sa Padmavati aka Deepika Padukone who has now become the queen of 100 cr club as this is her seventh movie entering the 100 cr club.

Besides huge box office collection, the movie is receiving critics thumbs up, and all lead stars cast is highly appreciated for their performances.

Now it will be interesting to see whether a movie will succeed in getting a release in other states as well.