Mira Rajput – Shahid Kapoor is the best part of Padmavaat

mira rajput padmaavat review

The Sanjay Leela Bhansali latest release padmaavat is rocking at the worldwide box office. From all around it is flooded with the good reviews from critics as well as audiences.

Just in the opening weekend padmaavat crossed 100 cr mark on domestic box office and total till now is approx 130 cr and still counting.

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I am sure all those who were keen to watch the movie either had watch till now or must have heard its plot, if not both of this then surely the movie trailers and songs give some hints about the movie.

Most of the critics have praised the movie script, Sanjay Leela exceptional directional and the lead actress Deepika Padukone intense acting and the most surprisingly the negative character of alaudid khilji played by the Ranveer Singh is getting applauds like a hero.

This movie has not only breaks records, but for its lead cast also it brings achievements like this is the first movie of Shahid Kapoor to enter in 100 cr club and Ranveer Singh highest single day at box office.

But wait, Shahid Kapoor dear wife has the most interesting review of padmaavat contrary to all the critics.

What is that?

“I really feel without any biases that Shahid Kapoor is the best thing in the film.”

Ok, Mira, we understand your feelings as a wife, and we appreciate shahid Kapoor portrayal of Maharawal ratan Singh character, but you just can’t ignore the Sanjay Leela Bhansali immense hard work he put into the movie script, direction, music and visuals.

Also, How on earth you didn’t notice Deepika and Ranveer Singh mindblowing acting. Every single frame of padmaavat is worth watching, and that is all because of the director and all three lead actors.

Well, Mira, you can watch a movie again and keep your eyes open while watching Ranveer Singh and Deepika on screen.