Read it to Believe it – List of movies Deepika Padukone rejected

When you name Deepika Padukone first thing that comes to the people minds is a beauty with brain. The Piku actress has succeeded captivating the millions of hearts with her modelling, acting and of course with the charming personality.

Deepika’s fan following is highest among the actress of this era it is clearly visible from her Instagram account which makes her the highest followed Indian on photo sharing application Instagram.
Deepika has undoubtedly reached this mark with her consistent hard work and good choice of movies. She has given from hit movies to super hits, and some are way ahead than super hits and this hits are not merely because of the presence of some khan in it, but Deepika character in the movies was either equivalent to male lead or bigger than the male counterpart.

But Deepika is no god not to make mistakes she is also human, and human makes mistakes. When it comes to the choice of signing bollywood movies she has undoubtedly played wisely but there is a big list of movies she rejected, and unfortunately for her, some of them turned out hits but fortunately for her some were box office disasters.

Check out the list of the movies Deepika Padukone rejected


Deepika Padukone once expressed that she wants to work with Salman Khan and her wish soon came real she was the first choice for sultan but she rejected it. The movie is one of the highest earning movies of bollywood and of Salman Khan. Later Anushka Sharma starred opposite Salman Khan.


One more time Deepika had a chance to star opposite Salman Khan, but this time again she turned down the offer quoting the dates clash. Jacqueline Fernandez played the female lead and movie was box office success, and the Sri Lankan beauty received many accolades for her performance.


list of movies Deepika Padukone rejected
This was the highly anticipated project of Sooraj badjatya and this time again Salman Khan was in the lead and Deepika busy in other projects. But unlike other rejected movies this time Deepika Padukone decision was wise as movie although crossed 200 cr at the box office but was not critically acclaimed, and Salman Khan fans failed to connect with the movie.

4 DHOOM – 3

list of movies Deepika Padukone rejected
This was the first time Deepika had a chance to work with Aamir Khan but first time remained first time till now, and Miss Padukone had nodded other movie. The role went to Katrina Kaif. Although the movie was a big hit but the female lead role had limited scope, and it was all about Aamir Khan movie nothing except Aamir Khan


list of movies Deepika Padukone rejected
India has a huge fan following for Hollywood movies. Just like Indians are the fan of Hollywood similarly bollywood fraternity is also freak for Hollywood. There are least examples when Hollywood offers lead roles to our bollywood actors but whenever they offer bollywood actors made sure to grab the offer. But Deepika padukone chose RAMLEELA instead of Fast and Furious 7.


list of movies Deepika Padukone rejected
Deepika has again favoured Katrina kaif indirectly by rejecting the Yash Chopra last directorial venture starring opposite none other than shah rukh khan. Just a quick flashback Deepika debuted in the bollywood against srk in the movie OM SHANTI OM which was directed by Farah Khan. Well, this time Deepika surely missed starring in the Yash Chopra romantic number.


list of movies Deepika Padukone rejected
Deepika Padukone should surely win an award for the charity in the glam world especially helping actresses. Yet again Deepika helped Jacqueline Fernandez after the KICK. This movie was offered to Deepika right after Yeh jawani hai Diwani which was super hit at the box office, so makers expected to repeat the hit pair Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone who was once dating.