Check out who is Deepika Padukone role model?

Deepika padukone role model

At present queen, Padmavati aka Deepika Padukone is spending time in London with her family. Her new year started very well as her movie ‘Padmavaat’ broke many box office records and succeeded in collecting around 500 cr from the worldwide box office.

It’s not just the movie performed well at the box office but also Deepika received accolades from the critics and masses. Her portrayal of ranisa Padmavati is said to be the best work of Deepika Padukone till now.

Post-Padmaavat Deepika started shooting for the next movie opposite Irfan Khan. Unfortunately, the movie shooting couldn’t complete. First Deepika Padukone injured, and the doctor suggested her complete bed rest. Later Irfan khan illness news came due to which the movie shooting is delayed for the unknown period.

Amidst the several speculations about the Irfan khan illness, the actor himself clear the air and shared on his twitter handle that he is suffering from a rare disease.

Deepika interacted with the leading daily and shared some personal stuff. On the question of ‘who is your role model?’
She answered, ‘I don’t think Anisha, and I could get any better role model than my father.’

Further, Deepika praised her father and shared that her team keep in touch with her father about her work and her team always praises her father nature.

I am sure Deepika answer may have won several hearts, and many fathers might be dreaming to have a daughter like Deepika Padukone.

Well, it was not the first time Deepika praises her father earlier also there were many instances where actress showed the close bonding with her family. Ever since Deepika made her bollywood debut, she is often spotted with her family either on holidays or on events or on shows, and most importantly she never forgets to give credit of her success to her family whenever the opportunity comes.